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We are currently open! While open, social distancing is in effect and some new policies as well, but we're happy to be able to welcome you back to Temagami!

Houseboat rentals in Temagami, Ontario

Travel Lake Temagami on a Houseboat

Each year, more people find out just how relaxing it is to be floating care-free on Lake Houseboat rentals in Temagami, OntarioTemagami on one of our houseboats.  Leave your vacation to us, Temagami's first and largest houseboat company.  Our customers will tell you that you don't need to worry about our sturdy design - they've tested it year after year on their annual vacation.  Our homemade pontoons have been thoroughly proven on Lake Temagami's rocky shoals during our nearly 25 years of operation.  Come see us in Temagami if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of today's busy life.

So Many Options with a Houseboat...

Lake Temagami SunsetWhy are houseboats so popular?

Families enjoy the freedom to move from location to location when the kids want a new section of land to explore.  When it's raining, they can always be on the move to a new campsite while the family is busy playing games.

Couples look forward to tucking away into a secluded bay for some time  together surrounded by Temagami's peaceful nature, or adventuring into an unknown area to see new sights. 

Fishermen love the fact that they don't have to move far from their favorite fishing spot, or they can explore a large area without having to return a long distance to sleep for the night.

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